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In 2011, we started with a simple mission: to support parents who wanted to help their medically complex kids – kids with ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, autism, sensory issues, and more -- reach their full potential. We hadn’t created the term ‘complex’ back then, and ‘special needs’ never seemed to fit. So starting as ImpactADHD®, a condition our families shared, we created the first global online resource for parenting kids who didn’t ‘fit the mold’. Complex kids are quirky, or complicated, or (cont'd below)

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Leading Articles about Managing Complex Kids

Tame The Bully Within

Model Self-Respect For Your Kids: Tame The Bully Within

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

The Worst Bully Okay, so October may be National Bullying Prevention Month, but we all know bullying is a year-round…

assume best intention

When you Assume… Assume Best Intention

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

I remember Don Knotts drawing on a courtroom chalkboard during an episode of Mayberry RFD: Ass|U|Me. “When you assume,” he…

keeping it simple

Keeping It Simple

By Alexis Davis

Throughout sessions with parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, one of the most common problems is motivating children to change…

coach yourself

Don’t Take it Personally: 4 Questions to Coach Yourself

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Are you irritated by your kids’ disobedience or disrespect? Are you taking it personally when they don’t do what they’ve…

put yourself first

Put Yourself First, Mom

By Erika Ferenczi

This season would not be complete without a message for the mothers of Impact, who have a tendency to take…

Marathon View in Parenting

The Marathon View in Parenting: In It For the Long Haul

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

After the birth of my first child, I started working on a book with a friend that was loosely titled…

relationship battles

Relationship Battles: Lay Down Your Sword and Shield

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

The Power of Language Have you ever noticed how often we use military references in describing human interactions? Think about…

teacher training and ADHD

How to Get Kids Off Technology Without Meltdowns

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Sometimes, trying to get kids off technology is met with full-blown meltdowns! How can you do it without causing a…

parenting together

Parenting Together: Getting on the Same Page

By David Taylor-Klaus

The Downside of Imagination Imaginary conversations killed our marriage … almost. During our first decade of parenting together, so many…


(continued) sensitive, or emotional, or hyperactive, or impulsive, or sensory – and there’s usually a medically complex explanation for their behaviors. We believe passionately that no parent should ever have to go through the journey of raising complex kids on their own. Parenting these complicated, fascinating young people doesn’t have to be isolating.

Complex kids struggle with fundamental aspects of life or learning. For their parents, traditional parenting methods often don’t work as effectively as we think they should. They may be helpful, but they always seem to fall short of really meeting our needs, which leaves us feeling inadequate, like we’re failing our kids. When our kids are different, they need something different from us.

At ImpactParents, we pledge to partner with parents and teachers to take the frustration out of daily life and guide you to manage daily challenges effectively, with confidence and good humor. This blog will introduce you to a proven method that relies on a coach approach – and it will support you in parenting, regardless of what ‘flavor’ of complex kid you are trying to support more effectively.

We’ll guide you to shift your expectations and communicate with less judgment and more acceptance. As a result, you’ll be able to give directions and offer advice without triggering defensive reactions. Your kids will see you as a member of their team and seek you out for guidance and support.

Regardless of whether your kids have autism, sensory issues, ADHD, learning challenges, or any of the many other mental health and learning challenges facing families today, the coach approach will help you become the parent you really want to be – the parent your children, teens and young adults need you to be. It will guide you to create the kind of relationship with your kids that you’ve always wanted.

Do you want to create lasting behavioral change? With this blog, we’ll guide you to lead your complex kids to become independent and successful adults, which is really what parenting is all about.