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The amazing coaches of Impact provide group and private coaching to parents (and sometimes students) in our community.

All of the coaches at ImpactParents were carefully recruited, trained and mentored by Elaine & Diane. They have worked hard to meet our high standards, achieve their various credentials and exceed all of our training expectations. Together we are expanding the level of excellence and care that we bring to our community. Our coaches know firsthand, both practically and theoretically, how complicated family life can get in our community! They have lived the life as parents and/or individuals with complex issues, and learned concepts, tools and strategies that improve family life and promote stronger relationships.

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We created ImpactADHD® & ImpactParents because YOU needed it (and so did we)!

Elaine and Diane

Dear Parent,

It’s impossible to express how much coaching has transformed our families, our children and ourselves. It's improved every aspect of our lives, and has done the same for the parents we've trained, coached and supported all over the world.

If you give it a chance, you can make an enormous difference for your family, too.

With love,
Elaine & Diane

"I came to coaching as an exhausted, defeated, desperate Mama. I believed that I had tried everything to reclaim peace in myself and in my relationship with my complex kiddo. All the books, podcasts, articles, FB groups, therapists and so on. Six sessions later I feel energized, capable and excited to continue my parenting journey. Sure, there is more work to do; but I am armed with tools, systems, and a mindset that make me feel confident that I can do it. My coach's guidance challenged me to let go of things that were getting in the way of me trusting myself as a Mom, trusting my unique parenting journey and trusting in the unique and beautiful wiring of my son.  I am so grateful for all of your support."

~ Tristan C, CA

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