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Marjorie Schreurs


As a young adult, my life was full of adventure, filled with travel, teaching yoga, enjoying healthy foods, art and movement. It was easy to focus on my needs then; after having children, that all changed.

When I had my first child, my own needs and my own fulfillment went out the window overnight. I ignored what I needed and just focused on my child and her needs. (Sound familiar?) That worked for a little while, but once my second born came, it was no longer sustainable. It was then that I realized being a good parent was not just meeting my child's needs. I needed to focus on mine too.

As our family grew, life's complexities were quickly outgrowing all of my coping mechanisms and "shoot from the hip" organizational strategies. Things only became more complex as our children got older. We dealt with a lot- food sensitivities, sensory and executive function challenges, ticks, social struggles, giftedness, dyslexia, severe anxiety, depression, excessive "boredom" complaints, and significant emotional dysregulation and aggression- and we were worn out.

On top of all that, my husband and I often had differing opinions on dealing with it all. I found myself thinking desperately, "Why on earth is life so hard?!? What am I doing wrong?!? I wish things could be easy, relaxed, or fun."

Finding the Missing Pieces

Early in our relationship, I became aware of my dyslexia, and my husband discovered he has Autism. And while that was the entry point to articulating our neurodiversity, it wasn't until years later that I articulated my ADHD. As soon as I did, I quickly realized both our daughters and my husband probably had ADHD too, and everything started to make more sense. About a year later, I learned about the term 2E (neurodivergent and gifted), and the missing puzzle pieces fell into place — we were not broken, just wired a little differently!

About a week after discovering my ADHD, I started my official training to become a Professional Coach. I had been fortunate enough to receive coaching for about two years before starting my training, and it had helped me get clear, grounded, and more intentional. As I progressed through my training, I noticed that it helped me show up as the person, spouse, and parent I knew I could be. Additionally, I had started ADHD coaching, which helped me become honest about my challenges and gifts. I let go of so much shame and started understanding the supports that my kids, husband, and I needed to succeed.

Finding ImpactParents was a relief! A true lifeline! This was the point when our parenting journey really took a turn for the better. My husband and I got on the same page, and we learned all kinds of things that supported both our kids and us.

Through the support of coaching and empowered knowledge of my Neurology, I learned to work WITH my wiring rather than against it. I learned what to accept, support, or outsource and where to lean into my strengths and own my superpowers!

So many of us have lived in survival mode for such a long time. It does not have to continue that way.

Calm and sanity are within reach!

As a coach, a parent, and a person, I am deeply committed to a strength-based approach that leads with strengths and supports or outsources challenges. I believe we all have the right to thrive, not just survive, and I am deeply committed to helping to end the silent suffering that neurodiverse parents and kids face without support and knowledge.

I believe we all have our own unique recipe for walking through life in the best way possible. And I love getting in the metaphorical kitchen with people and figuring out what all their perfect ingredients are. You are allowed to thrive and to do so on your own terms.

  • CPCC, Certified Co-Active Coach
  • Graduate of Spiral Leadership Coach Training Program
  • RYT, Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • RYT, Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Vinyasa & mindfulness-based SEL Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Alliance Certified 100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Trained EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles) Teacher
  • 20 years of somatic yoga and movement studies
  • 20 years of holistic wellbeing practices
  • 6 months of in-person study with Tantric Yoga Master in India
  • 20 years of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation teaching experience for all ages and body types
  • Trained Multidisciplinary Dancer
  • CPC, Certified Peer Counselor
  • 3 years of Mental Health and Well Being counseling, peer group, and workshop facilitation, including complex "wrap around" mental health services team collaboration and coordination for complex adults with severe mental illness
  • 2 years of being a program manager and coordinator for the innovative "Open Source Wellness" program, managing a staff of 4 health and wellness coaches
  • Developer and Facilitator of a K-5 Mindfulness-based Social-Emotional-Learning Curriculum offered as part of the enrichment curriculum at a local Elementary School
  • Developer and Facilitator of "Hero's Journey," a therapeutic outdoor middle school youth program that offered Equine Therapy, Outdoor Adventuring, Mindfulness, and Expressive Arts to help support youth emotionally during the Covid Pandemic
  • Developer and teacher of a "Self-Regulation Course" for kids, teens, adults, and coaches to help support healthy stress management skills and development of Mind-Body connection

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