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Scott S. Garbini M.Ed
Experienced ADHD Student Coach


Scott recognizes there is no "one size fits all" solution for challenges in life. He treats and coaches each client as the individual they are, and helps them find their unique triumphs as they work toward their ultimate goals. With a hands-on, coach approach, Scott works with his clients to empower them.

With more than a decade of experience in the higher education field, Scott has the expertise and resources available to help your child design a plan, set goals, and take that first step towards a positive and productive future - both in and out of the classroom. Frequently sought out for his exceptional knowledge in underrepresented areas of need such as; ADHD, LGBTQ issues, anxiety disorders, or learning disabilities, Scott has the tools available to help your child reach their potential.

Scott's experience includes; coaching, college admissions counseling, transition development, and post graduate options. Scott also provides high school-to-college, college-to-career and/or life transition and coaching. Helping students become aware of, and emboldened by, they're unique skills, he works with clients and families throughout the year as a mentor, coach, and (as some of his clients have said!) a surrogate parent when needed.

Having numerous learning challenges himself, including ADHD and Dyscalculia, Scott learned to overcome obstacles both externally and internally. Despite being discouraged from even attempting to seek a higher degree, he ignored the naysayers, earning a Bachelor's of Science and then a Masters of Education from Johnson & Wales University. Scott's unique life experiences, combined with his passion for individual success, makes him the best person to help coach your child and attain the goals for which they are aiming.

Scott lives with his husband of 13 years and Cat Lady Mildred Sophia in New London, CT. Scott loves to travel the world and learn about foods, cultures and educational systems. He is a retired politician and serves on local and national Boards where he continues his work and life long passion to create a more Diverse, Equitable, Accessible and Inclusive world for all underrepresented populations.

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