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Tracy Lefebvre, MSPP
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I remember the first time I met a fellow mom who understood what I was going through with my complex family. It was 2011 and my two complex kiddos were 9 and 5. My 9-year old had already been through several years of occupational therapy for torticollis and sensory processing disorder. She also was navigating life with anxiety, reading delays, and ADHD. My youngest, was putting bold and italics on the H, on what would soon be identified as ADHD.

I was brought to tears from relief, finally not feeling alone in the world. Until that moment, I hadn't understood how alone I felt. I had been trying to hide -- to myself and others -- how hard life was and how angry, maxed-out, and lonely I had become. My husband worked long hours and traveled. In my mind, I thought I should know what I was doing as a parent. After all, I had spent nearly ten-years studying child development as a Montessori teacher.

Meeting that mom was the first step on my conscious journey as a mom of complex kids. She provided me with community, comfort and helped me advocate for my children. I still felt that I could make everyone's lives easier if I could simply learn the "right" systems and structures. I poured my entire self into my children and the other complex children at my children's center. It left me with little energy for my husband and myself. My stress remained high. Not only was I not sailing my life's ship, I was barely keeping it from sinking!

My children were struggling. I was struggling. And when we moved to Georgia in 2014, I knew something had to change. By that time, I had discovered that both my husband and I had our own complex neurological needs. It explained so much of our childhood and the difficulties we were having. We had created systems and ways to manage our lives effectively until we needed to also manage our children's lives.

At a networking event, I found two missing links that helped me float what felt like a sinking ship: an understanding of the neurological component of complex individuals and coaching.

Through coaching, I learned self-compassion and the ability to focus on strengths, both my own and those around me. The discovery of a strength-based approach allowed me to realistically dream and design a way of life that led to better relationships and more ease for my family and me. I discovered true power in starting with the mindset that everyone, including myself, is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

In working with families, I have discovered that we all benefit from space and support, from drawing insights around our daily lives, and from trying and practicing new tools. I'm excited to be part of a team of coaches at ImpactParents that is dedicated to supporting parents committed to expanding their toolbox and improving their family dynamic.

  • Certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master of Science in Positive Psychology with Coaching (Life University)
  • Certified by Life University coach training program
  • Certified Sanity School® Trainer and Licensee with ImpactParents.com
  • Private coach for parents of complex kids at ImpactParents.com
  • Certified in Compassionate Integrity Training (Life-CCSIE)
  • Certification in Neurofeedback Training (BrainCore & NewMind)
  • Committee Chair for the International Coaching Federation Georgia Chapter
  • Founder, Ready for Reboot – Coaching for Success and Wellbeing
  • Founder, That Brain, Body, Mind Place – A collaborative, co-working space
  • Provide corporate mental health coaching via Boon Health
  • Sixteen-years of experience working with children and their families as a Montessori Educator, including owning and operating Misty Morning Children's Center, a NAEYC accredited, Montessori based program

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