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Don't Gloat When Your Kids Admit You're Right

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

“I hate it when that happens,” my daughter said in response to my son’s confession: “dang it, mom, you were…

Susan Bauerfeld

Is Your Brain Interfering in Your Parent/Child Relationship?

By Susan Bauerfeld

Parents Brains can be Reactive, Too It’s a paradox, really. For survival purposes, the brain is hardwired to zone in…

Eugene Bell

How to Make Home Like Camp

By Eugene Bell

I’m a lucky man – I get to go to “summer camp” all year round. This is something that many…


What Your ADHD & ADD Kids Are Really Thinking

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Inside Our Child’s Mind Do you ever think about what your kids must be thinking? We all tend to put…

Rhona Berens

STRESSED OUT? Try Tackling Stress as a Couple and a Family

By Rhona Berens

Raising kids can throw a wrench, sometimes a crowbar, into our individual and relationship fulfillment. As a mother of two,…

Put It In Writing

Put It In Writing

By Diane Dempster

Selective Hearing How often do we make agreements with our kids, only to have them say, “You never told me!”…


If Linda Roggli Had Known Then

By Linda Roggli

We all want to do the best for our children, but sometimes we just don’t know how. When her son was young, Linda Roggli didn’t know, either. But now that her son is grown, she knows how she’d handle a “do-over.” Thankfully, we can all benefit from her words of wisdom …

Laurie Duplar

ADHD Family Support

By Laurie Dupar

Non-ADHD siblings are not often talked about, yet they are an important part of families with ADHD. Studies show that siblings of children with ADHD experience disruption, chaos, unpredictability and exhaustion – just like their parents. At times, they may feel neglected, unprotected and powerless. This is particularly true when they are expected to “take care of” or “look out for” their siblings.