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5 Magic Words: What Is Most Important Here?

By Diane Dempster

Transition times can be an absolute nightmare for parents of complex kids. Whether its end-of-school-year, or breaks during the year,…


What Is There to Love About Back to School?

By Diane Dempster

The Gift of Back-To-School I remember as a kid growing up I always loved September and heading back to school.…


Five Practical Steps to Help Kids Start A New School Year

By Michael Delman

Getting ready for the school year is downright frightening for many kids. According to a survey of 600 teenagers in…


Rewards Systems: Why They Work and How to Start One

By Diane Dempster

The Power of Reward Systems Whatever the goal, rewards are tremendously uplifting and motivating for anyone. If you’re trying to…

messy room

Don’t Confuse Smart with Organized

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

In order to do well in school, kids need two things: organization and intelligence. And guess what? There’s a big…


ADHD, Art & Organization: 3 Simple Projects to Get Organized

By Tracey Goodwin, MEd & Holly Oberacker, ATR

What do ADHD, Art and Organization have in common? When you combine a highly creative ADHD brain with art materials,…

manage ADHD

Get Organized: 10 Tips to Manage an ADHD Household

By Terry Matlen

It’s tough when one or more kids in a household has ADHD. Toys are strewn about the house and dirty…


I Took Depression & ADHD to College (and How My Parents Let Go)

By Rick Frost

  I Was A Typical Complex Teenager From the moment my parents finished helping me move into my college dorm,…


What makes a child twice exceptional (2E)?

Interview with Dr. Michael Postma

A child that is both gifted (a 130 IQ, according to the Columbus Group) and has at least one learning…