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Parenting Advice for Kids with ADHD: Cultivating Resilience

Interview with Alan Graham

Looking for simple, effective parenting advice for kids with ADHD? Try cultivating resilience. Sound hard? Stick with us here. It…


From Strongwilled to Willpower: Productivity Hacks

Interview with Alan Brown

Yes, you can get your strong-willed kid to use willpower! Willpower, in turns out, is like a muscle that needs…


A Parent’s Guide to Sexting, Texting, and Teens

Interview with Ari Tuckman

Birds do it, bees do it, and unfortunately our teens do it. Or at least they will. We may not…


ADHD, Exercise, Mindfulness, and the Obvious

Interview with Jeff Copper

As an attention coach, Jeff Copper helps adults overcome information overload, chronic disorganization, ADHD and ADD symptoms, time management problems,…


Standardized Test Prep for Kids with LD, ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Interview with Jennifer Cohen

SAT, ACT and standardized testing are words that every student dreads – ADHD or not. So much studying and preparation…

Helping siblings in ADHD families

Helping Siblings in a Family with ADHD

Interview with Roya Kravetz

Siblings fight – we wish it didn’t happen, but sometimes there’s nothing we can do. Or is there? This week,…

Helping kids manage stress

Helping Complex Kids Manage Stress in a Stressful World

Interview with Mary Anne Richey

In today’s chaotic world, stress is an unfortunate fact of life, for us and our kids. For complex kids, it…


Managing Chaotic Times in the Life of a Family with ADHD

Interview with Ari Tuckman

The only thing constant in family life is change. Whether it’s starting school, ending school, changing jobs or even a…


5 Things ADHD Kids Want Parents To Do Differently

Interview with Sharon Saline

Sharon Saline knows a thing or two about what complex kids want. As a clinical psychologist and author of the…