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Medication and ADHD: What Does It Do, and What Doesn’t It Do?

Interview with Mark Bertin

ADHD medication or no medication? That is the question, especially for parents of complex kids. While medication is not the…


Parenting Advice for Kids with ADHD: Cultivating Resilience

Interview with Alan Graham

Looking for simple, effective parenting advice for kids with ADHD? Try cultivating resilience. Sound hard? Stick with us here. It…


What Kids Think Parents Should Know About ADHD & Motivation

Interview with Selene Ashewood

So, what do kids think parents should know about ADHD? Almost 13-year-old author, Selene Ashewood, has some pretty straight-forward answers…


How to Stop a Teen with ADHD from Getting Distracted

Interview with Michael Delman

Are you frustrated by your child’s tendency to be easily distracted? If so, you are not alone! But what can you…


My Kid with ADHD Can’t Sleep – What Should I Do?

Interview with David Pomeroy

We hear some variation of this question from parents all the time: ” My Kid with ADHD Can’t Sleep –…


How Do I Get My Kid to Do What I Ask?

Interview with Jeffrey Katz

One of the questions we hear frequently from parents is some variation of, “How Do I Get My Kid to…


4 Life Rules to Using ADHD to Its Full Advantage

Interview with Peter Shankman

There are so many challenges that parents face when a child is diagnosed with ADHD, that it can be difficult…