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ADHD, Exercise, Mindfulness, and the Obvious

As an attention coach, Jeff Copper helps adults overcome information overload, chronic disorganization, ADHD and ADD symptoms, time management problems, attention deficit disorder, impulsivity, and other conditions that may hinder one‘s advancement.

In this interview, Jeff explains that ADHD and exercise go hand in hand – that exercise is the body’s natural anti-depressant. It improves diet, sleep, concentration, self-regulation, motivation, stress, and executive functioning!

But it’s not just physical exercise that aids in ADHD management. ADHD and mindfulness are a magical pairing, as well. Mental exercise, such as mindfulness meditation, can be powerfully helpful. So can gratitude.

The key is to practice each of these things – repeatedly – which, frankly, can be boring for people with ADHD. And, of course, when it's boring, that ultimately makes it all the more difficult to do.

But there is a simple strategy to getting into the practice of practicing, a strategy that can actually be a whole lot of fun: create social ways to manage ADHD by practicing exercise, mindfulness, and yes, even gratitude.

These are just some of the practical strategies Jeff offers in this conversation. As Jeff says in the interview, we think about a shift of attention, but it's also about shifting your attitude. In Japanese psychology, they talk about problems as urgent – and you have to deal with them right now.

If something good that happens is crowded out, they talk about the need to practice gratitude. You need to schedule a time to sit down and literally list what you are grateful for.

You can do this with your kids. Actually, spend 30 minutes and begin to think about everything that happened to you and everything in your life that you're grateful for.  Then, either write it down, or say it and acknowledge it.

So if you're curious to learn more about the connection between ADHD and exercise, ADHD and mindfulness, or ADHD and gratitude, tune into this podcast with Jeff Copper – and figure out what you might want to be paying more attention to in the future.

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