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What Skills do Complex Teens Need to be Ready for Adulthood?

Interview with Samantha Feinman

Do you know exactly what life and school skills your complex teen needs to be successful when they reach adulthood?…


How to Create Compassionate Kids and Families

Interview with Shauna Tominey

If you had to choose one word to describe the community that you want to live in and your children…


College Readiness and College Success

Interview with Theresa Maitland

It’s tempting to ignore the looming shadow that is college. It’s the monster under the bed, the squirrel in the…


Ashamed of Your Kids? Reducing Shame, Blame & Criticism

Interview with Susan Bauerfeld

Emotions can influence our behaviors quite directly. When you are proud of your kids, emotions might help you celebrate and…


Four Reasons Why ADHD Meds Don’t Work

Interview with Charles Parker

Finding the right ADHD medication can be tough, and there’s a lot of trial and error. Just like trying on…


Standardized Test Prep for Kids with LD, ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Interview with Jennifer Cohen

Every parent knows that children surprise us from the very beginning. We have pre-conceived notions of what raising a child…


Parents can Solve Big Behavior Problems with Tiny Changes

Interview with BJ Fogg

Imagine the situation: you’ve tried everything you can think of, but your kids still refuse to eat their vegetables. It…


5 Things ADHD Kids Want Parents To Do Differently

Interview with Sharon Saline

Sharon Saline knows a thing or two about what complex kids want. A clinical psychologist, she has interviewed kids with…


Consequences for ADHD – Are they Counterproductive?

Interview with Dr. Kirsten Milliken

What does PLAY have to do with consequences for children with ADHD? More than you might think. Psychologist and play-expert,…