Quick Tip

It’s Important to Let Your Kid’s ADHD Mind Wander Sometimes

Now, I know we're supposed to be focusing our kid's attention and managing the symptoms of ADHD, but everything in moderation! Sometimes, the ADHD mind needs permission to wander at will. Whether it's taking a long shower, or staring out the window, a creative mind needs some unstructured time to keep those creative juices flowing.

Now, you might be thinking, “Is she kidding? His whole life is unstructured time!” I get it. I live it.

But the tip here is to remember that just because your child's mind has a tendency to wander doesn't mean it always needs to be re-directed. Our kids need a creative space for their brains to bounce around and explore new ideas. We need to accept that it's healthy for their “productivity” to be balanced with something that nourishes their brain – which for our kids could very well come from an hour of just listening to music.

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