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What’s a Microbiome, Why Should I Care, and What Do I Do About It?

By Mary Virginia Coffman

What’s a microbiome?  Humans host 39 trillion microscopic organisms in every conceivable place in our bodies, from head to toe,…

ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching for Students

By Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

Research has demonstrated that ADHD coaching, a non-medication treatment for youth with ADHD, can improve outcomes for students. This article…

teacher training and ADHD

How to Handle the Rebound When ADHD Medication Wears OFF in Kids!

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

How Can I Help My Child ConcentrateMedication rebound – it’s real for kids with ADHD. So, what should a parent…

Best ADHD treatment for kids

Ask 3 Questions to Get the Best ADHD Treatment for Kids

By Phil Anderton

Brian, a pensioner now, has one leg clearly shorter than the other, the result of childhood tuberculosis. He wears a…

early intervention

Don’t Wait – Early Intervention Makes a Difference

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Did you know that approximately 15-18 percent of children have mental health problems? The most common of these are Attention…

Teen Ready for Coaching

Is Your Teen Ready for Coaching?

By Jo Ann Skinner

Your teen is disorganized, continuously late, struggling with getting school assignments done and turned in, and not exactly thriving. So,…


Brain-Based Treatments for ADHD – What Parents Should Know

By Jim Otis

Do you know what’s happening in the brain of someone with ADHD? When you are making the complicated decision about…


Is it ADHD or a Language Problem?

By Mark Bertin

Knowledge is power in parenting as in the rest of life. Many factors influence a child’s development. The more a…


3 Steps to Creating a Reward System that Works!

By Diane Dempster

The Power of Reward Systems Psst…hey you. Yeah, you! The one who looks frazzled and, I’m guessing, wishes you were…