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Teaching self control

Teaching Self-Control to ADHD Kids, One Structure at a Time

By Diane Dempster

You Know What Temptation Is Like You walk into your favorite coffee shop for a cup – black, no cream,…

creativity in adhd

Creative Minds Crave Structure: Fueling Inventiveness

By Rick Green

Creativity The word conjures up visions of avant-garde artists splattering paint across huge canvases. Dance troops rehearsing wild choreography. New…


How Are Values Guiding Parents And Kids?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

As a parent, your values guide your decisions every day. Chances are, though, you’re probably not thinking about them very…


5 Things ADHD Kids Want Parents To Do Differently

Interview with Sharon Saline

Sharon Saline knows a thing or two about what complex kids want. As a clinical psychologist and author of the…


Making Strategies Happen: Turning Ideas Into Action

By Alan Brown

Strategies. Coping strategies. ADD-mitigating strategies. Great words. They seem loaded with promise. “Wow, I wanna get more strategies, to crush…

get things done at home

Make a Game Out of Tasks & Chores (Even for Teens!)

By Diane Dempster

Trying to get things done at home? Complex brains need a motivation to get anything done, and two of the…


Limiting Screen Time with a Healthy Play Diet

By Randy Kulman

I field a lot of questions about how to help children with ADHD who seem dependent on screen-based technologies; most…

Parent to Juggle Your Busy Life

Three Tips for Any Parent to Juggle Your Busy Life

By Diane Dempster

As parents of complex kids, I think we have more weight on our shoulders than parents of typical kids. I’m…


How to Manage Your ADHD Home without Making Yourself Crazy

By Regina Lark

I began my professional life with a doctorate in women’s history, and now I’m a professional Organizer. You’d be surprised…