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How to Cope with (and Avoid) Feeling Overwhelmed

Coping with feeling overwhelmed

This interview is about the best ways to cope with (and avoid) feeling overwhelmed – and how to stay calm (when no one else is).

I don’t know about you, but many parents of complex kids are tired of feeling overwhelmed. They want to be done with the chaos – at least, the kind of chaos that is in their control. It's not always an easy task, but it can be done! This interview offers some insight into coping with feeling overwhelmed.

Guest Expert Kricket Harrison says the key is to stop procrastinating. Stop waiting until the last minute, or what Harrison calls the "penalty phase." That adrenaline rush can be useful sometimes, according to Harrison, but it is not ideal for everyday life. "It's like trying to run a marathon but you’re sprinting everywhere."

It Can Feel Like Procrastination Is the Only Option

For some of us, it’s all we’ve ever known. Harrison, however, insists that this process is easier than you’d think. "The brain is very trainable… I think we forget that we have that power." In fact, we trained ourselves to rely on that penalty rush. According to Harrison, it’s very similar to a drug rush. "I want us to learn not to rely on that rush. Because that's no different than relying on your glass of wine."

By making different choices, Harrison says we can avoid feeling overwhelmed altogether. The best way to ensure that you don’t slip into old patterns is to figure out what works best for you. "When you understand how you work, you make better choices." When you understand how procrastination doesn’t work for you specifically, you can figure out the best strategies for you.

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Avoiding Being Overwhelmed

It can be hard to be proactive and avoid being overwhelmed, but Harrison reinforces that it’s possible. "If you just give yourself that open space with no judgment to try, you’ll be amazed by what can happen."

For more of Harrison’s tips on coping with feeling overwhelmed, check out this insightful interview.

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