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Ask For Help

Ask for Help

We Can't Do It All

Many of us suffer from Super-Mom disease. We feel like we should be able to “do it all ourselves,” whatever it may be. Worse, we are sure that it's “just easier if I do it myself.”

This tends to set us up for exhaustion and frustration. We try to do everything ourselves so that we don't “bother” anyone, or we grow increasingly resentful as we start to feel put-upon. With the exception of killing bugs or repairing the roof, we Super-Moms are really bad at asking for help.

Asking for help is a great leadership skill, and important for parents to master and model. When we ask for help we:

1. Give others an opportunity to take responsibility
2. Let go of control
3. Teach our kids to ask for help when they need it

One of the keys to being able to ask for help is to be willing to have things done differently than you might do them yourself. Sometimes we need to be able to let go of the details so that someone else gets a chance to try.

So, give it a try this summer. Ask for help – a lot! Notice when you are comfortable doing it, and when you have a hard time.

And besides, we all deserve a little help!

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One Common Denominator

According to Andrea Bilbow, honored by the Queen of England for her work on behalf of families living with ADHD, there is "one common denominator that stands behind every child's success: a mother (or dad) who has been an incredible advocate for her child." So true! But you know what makes that advocacy a whole lot easier? Not doing it alone!

With a child with ADHD, you are in this parenting-thing for the Long Haul. And whether you get help from us, or somewhere else, or some combination – remember that we are stronger together than any of us are on our own. Don't try to do this alone. Get support, teach your child to ask for help, and create the future your family deserves!

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