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ADHD Management Strategy: Try Double -Tasking

ADHD management strategy

There’s a great ADHD management strategy to help adults and kids stay on task and complete projects, and it’s called Double Tasking.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of working on one thing at a time, try working on two things at a time. Now, I don’t mean multi-tasking – your brain cannot do two things simultaneously (even if you think it can!) Rather, if you have two projects going at once, you can switch back and forth between them whenever attention starts to wander, or enthusiasm wanes. Instead of stopping mid-project and starting some other random activity when you lose interest in the task at hand, double-tasking sets the intention that, when you get bored, you already have something else you’ve decided to do.

Examples include cooking dinner and opening the mail; or doing the laundry and managing communications from school; or even switching back and forth between studying for a test and doing math homework. The point is to keep your self (or your child) engaged and interested by anticipating distraction, and planning for it. Double-tasking is a proactive solution for ADHD brains that get easily bored.

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