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ImpactADHD: Books & Bundles/stack of books with drawn light bulbScroll down to find our books, eBooks and bundles (available in our online store).

If you want to get to know our approach, we invite you to join the more than 25,000 families who have bought at least one of our two books (Parenting ADHD Now! &The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids)

If you're ready for a deeper dive, a bundle is a collection of resources like webinars, articles, videos, etc. that is packaged together to guide your learning around a particular topic, like parenting teens or improving your self-care!

And if you're looking for other trusted books, explore our amazing Recommended Reading carousel below. (Scroll down for 6 categories).

"This book is a game changer! Who knew I was unintentionally contributing to the problem. After I began implementing what I'll just call "the curious approach," almost immediately I got the sense that my son felt we were teammates striving for the same goals. My new perspective and acceptance stripped away his defensiveness and defiance. Small changes in me are making a world of a difference for my son. I’m so grateful I found this book.” ~ Natalie Z, NYC

The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety and More: What Parents and Teacher REALLY Need to Know to Empower Complicated Kids with Confidence and Calm

When raising complex kids — with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Learning Disabilities, Tourette’s and so much more — you need a guidebook to help you navigate the muddy waters.

A companion to the Sanity School® behavior training curriculum -- or a stand-alone resource that is unparallelled -- this book provides an overview of the coach-approach to parenting and educating complex kids of all ages. While explaining the basic steps of the Impact Model for change, The Essential Guide provides a simple yet profoundly effective method for tackling any challenging circumstances with your complex kids. Balancing both practical and conceptual strategies, this book offers every parent of a complex child a clear path to improve relationships, manage mindsets, set realistic expectations and foster independence and success. Each chapter introduces a general challenge area familiar to most families, followed by specific strategies, tactics and tips for addressing them. A Discussion Group Guide provides questions for parent and school groups to learn to apply the principles of the coach-approach. With The Essential Guide you will learn to take a coach-approach in all aspects of your communication with complex kids — and the complex adults in your life, too. More than 10,000 copies sold!

Now available in paperback & audio.

““Not only is this an Essential Guide, full of imperative information in every paragraph, but it is a lovely extension of Elaine's coach heart. Moms and dads reading this book will feel completely heard, understood, supported and loved upon the turn of every page. For a parent at the beginning of this journey, or even a few miles in, the information and resources laid out in this book will provide months of "go to’s” and learning.”~ Tami M, MA

What the Heck is Executive Function, and Why Should You Care?

ImpactADHD© Store: What the Heck is Executive Function & Why Should I Care?

A starter kit eBook for parents of complex kids, it covers 6 aspects of Executive Function, practical tips for living with complex kids, 6 steps to effective treatment and an extra dose of acceptance and humor. This is very similar to the ADHD in Reality eBook. Available as download.

“The ADHD In Reality e-Book is the best, research-based, but “readable” piece of information. It gives a solid definition of what Executive Function is and how it truly impacts life functions everyday. This ebook is the best resource for an easy to read, easy to understand, practical tool explaining what Executive Function is and initial options! Most importantly---it offers HOPE!” ~ Tami B, FL

Parenting with Impact: Parenting Teens Survival Kit

ImpactADHD© Store: Parenting with Impact: Teen Survival Kit

Discover how to navigate mood storms, ride the roller-coaster, encourage healthy independence and still stay connected to your teen. Designed for parents of teens and pre-teens, this teen bundle will help you uncover how to be your teen’s biggest fan while holding them accountable (without “enabling” them). You can empower your teen to take ownership of their lives and be the parent your teen wants to talk to when life gets tough.

Call in to "Office Hours” to get guidance from Impact coaches, and watch the webinar on fostering independence to learn the 4 roles of parenting. Listen to an interview with leading experts on teens and ADHD in particular, read the “Teen Talk” ebook, and explore essential articles for parenting teens. Find recommended books about parenting teens, and so much more! This bundle is all things parenting teens (and pre-teens).

"A big ‘Thank you!’ to you both for what you do. I was able to stay calm and let my teenage son steer his own course to finish up his freshman year in high school. We got his final grades today and the boy rocked it. All A’s and B’s. He pulled a B in Biology, which came up from an F at one point in the semester. He was so excited, and I was so happy to celebrate his achievement with him. The big thing that I have learned is guiding him to find confidence in himself — and this is what you both have helped me with.” ~ Marian S., GA

Parenting ADHD Now! Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD

Watching your bright, vibrant child struggle with ADHD can make you feel helpless, especially when you don't have the tools to help them succeed.

This book gives a succinct and thorough overview of essential symptoms of ADHD, and recommended treatment for kids depending on their age. It offers immediate, actionable strategies you can use to guide and support your child compassionately and effectively. With Parenting ADHD Now!  you will learn to set healthy limits, find compassion and acceptance, change your habits, laugh instead of cry, understand instead of yell, and thrive instead of just survive. Available in softback or audiobook.

Now, more than 12,000 copies sold in paperback & audio.

“Parenting ADHD Now! provides the best summary of ADHD and executive functions that I have read. That chapter, alone, is good enough for me to recommend the book to all families. It is such an easy-to-read, compassionate, and practical book that I keep a permanent display copy in my waiting room. In a very short space of time, it has become the number one resource I recommend to parents.” ~ Dr Tim Edwards-Hart, MAPS MCCLP, Clinical Psychologist, Australia

Recommended Reading Carousel:

ImpactADHD: Recommended Reading/Colorful Bookshelf

Books help to to quiet the noise and reduce the overwhelm. We didn’t write most of the books in our Reading Carousel, but we’ve collected recommendations from members, experts and our own experiences -- and organized them to make it really easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Here you'll find some GREAT, vetted reading material to help you on your journey in 6 different categories:

  • ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Health Resources

  • Relationships, Marriage & General Parenting

  • Self-Care & Health

  • Coaching, Life Lessons & Inspiration

  • Technology & Parenting

  • Books for (Complex) Kids

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