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We want to help you understand your child's challenges (parent training), in a supportive environment with other parents (parent support), with an innovative approach that is particularly effective for complex kids (parent coaching). Whenever possible, each of our products and programs combine training, coaching and support. Find the guidance you’re looking for below, or sign up for a Sanity Session to talk to us about what program is the right fit for you.

The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids
with ADHD, Anxiety, and More

ImpactADHD© Store: Parenting ADHD Now

Parenting ADHD Now!
Easy Intervention Strategies to
Empower Kids with ADHD

(2018 National Parenting Book Award!)
NOTE:  Prices Vary on Amazon*

The Executive Function
A Toolbox for Parents of Complex Kids

EBook: "What the Heck is Executive Function,

and Why Should You Care?"


Parenting with Impact:

Parenting Teens Survival Kit


ImpactADHD© Store: ADHD Parent Manual-Video

The ADHD Parent Manual Video

(25 minute video. Learn how to handle ANY challenging situation!)


ImpactADHD© Store: Parenting with Impact

Parenting with Impact:

Dr. Hallowell's Keys to Unlocking ADHD


ImpactParents Store: Homework Headaches

Homework Headaches


ImpactADHD© Store: Minimize Meltdowns

Minimize Meltdowns


ImpactADHD / Online Store: Sanity School Parents

Sanity School® for Parents

(Behavior Parent Training a.k.a. Behavior Therapy)

$397  $297

ImpactADHD / Online Store: Parent Success System

Parent Success System

(group coaching on the phone)

$147 per month

ImpactADHD / Online Store: Parent Sanity and Success Combo Special

Sanity & Success Combo Special

(Parent training + group coaching on the phone)

$147  $107 per month

Talk with an ImpactParents coach; gain some clarity; reconnect to what’s important to you; and learn how we can help you create the change you want. It all happens in 30 minutes - THAT’s why we call it a Sanity Session!

ImpactADHD© Store: Fast Impact 3

Sanity School® with

Private Coaching

ImpactADHD© Store: Fast Impact 6

Fast Impact Private Coaching - 6 Sessions

ImpactADHD© Store: Full Impact

Full Impact 1-to-1 Coaching

Talk with us to learn about options for professional support, training and certification.

Sanity School® Certification Program

Sanity School® for Teachers

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