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The Value of Educated Professionals

Providing Support for Providers & Educators

Why are we talking about educating professionals on a page about help for parents?

Parents need the professionals in their children's lives to be well-informed, to be up to speed on innovations and new developments in the world of complex kids.

Parents need to be able to seek out guidance and direction from professionals who understand their day to day realities.

And professionals need a different way of looking at the challenges facing the families they serve. They, too, will benefit from understanding the coach-approach -- a practical approach that offers effective solutions to improve outcomes for the entire family system.  

At ImpactParents we are ...

Empowering Parents » to improve communication and change their conversations with children and with each other

Educating Medical Providers » to make more comprehensive referrals in support of complex families worldwide

Teaching Educators » to better understand their students and provide strategies to achieve independence and personal success

We are leading adults to raise, educate and empower children who are capable of becoming independent medical managers for themselves as adults.

So how do we achieve that mission in real life?

Drawing from research on the effectiveness of coaching, and fundamental principles of change management in the workplace, we deliver highly effective, comprehensive resources, support and training to meet the real, every day needs of families – wherever they are.

Using the magic of modern technology, we provide accessible resources, keep the costs low, and enhance all parents’ ability to get the support, training and coaching they need.

At ImpactParents, we are changing the way that parents of kids with complex and (often chronic) medical conditions interact with the medical community.

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