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Do you refer parents to behavior management training as part of their child's recommended treatment? Would you like to?

You do a lot for the families you work with. So you know it's not usually enough for parents to just read articles here or there. They need to understand what's involved with supporting their child; and they need to learn skills to manage their environment more effectively so that they can guide their child toward greater independence.


And -- they need to be directed to seek out guidance and support.

In the past, you may have found yourself at a loss for where to send parents for the additional support they need. You want to make sure your clients are in good hands by referring them to reliable, trusted resources, but the options seem limited.

Until now.

We hope you'll consider referring parents to us and our certified local trainers -- so that parents can get high quality, affordable programs that are easy to use in the midst of their busy lives.

All of our programs combine training, coaching and support, and we have systems in place to improve engagement and compliance with parent training. We have extremely high standards and strong values around excellence. We set the bar high, and hold ourselves to it!

If you’ve got parents who need support –
we assure you we will take great care of them!

At ImpactADHD® and ImpactParents, our programs are award-winning, and backed by research. They are established and effective, affordable and accessible, and reinforced by testimonials from parents and professionals across the globe.

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Bottom line: Programs created and supported by ImpactADHD® provide the parents in your community with:

  • support services that reinforce their strengths and capabilities
  • a structure for developing personalized action plans and getting feedback
  • access to a community of other parents with whom they can learn and relate

Programs for Parents

ImpactADHD® and ImpactParents was created to meet the practical needs of parents raising complicated children and teens, either those with complex challenges like ADHD, anxiety, depression, LD and more, or those in challenging circumstances of all kinds. All resources and programs have been designed to bring the effectiveness of coaching to parents in a way that is accessible and affordable.

We are passionately committed to serve all parents who want support, and we are eager to collaborate with other professionals who are supporting families of children with complex needs.

As a highly-regarded and celebrated virtual platform, Impact’s reputation for excellence has enabled us to establish strong relationships with professionals who want to serve communities facing complex challenges.

  • Our Behavior Management Training program for Teachers provides educators with a foundational education about executive function and instruction in how to use a coach-approach in classroom management.
  • Our Certification and Licensing Program provides experienced professionals with training in the nuances of a neurodiversity-inclusive coach-approach and a robust curriculum to deliver live in local communities, reinforced by the support and coaching of Impact coaches.