For Professionals

Sanity School® Certification for Professionals

Neurodiversity-Inclusive Coaching Skills for Helping Professionals

A coach-approach for professionals who support families of complex kids.

Sanity School® Certification for Professionals (SSCP) provides continuing education (up to 32 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units) for a wide range of professionals -- coaches, therapists, educators, psychologists, nurses, and more. Providers are trained and certified in a proven behavior training program proven change-management approach for parents and educators grounded in the principles of professional coaching. After certification, participants may purchase an annual license if they wish to teach the Sanity School® course in their local community.

With the SSCP program, professionals from around the globe are trained in neurodiversity-informed coaching skills -- the coach-approach to parenting and educating complex kids. SSCP is not a coaching accreditation program. Rather, providers come together in a unique, collaborative community to learn the Impact Model and the nuances of neurodiversity-informed coaching skills to empower complex kids and their families.

Professionals participate in SSCP to enhance their learning and expand their knowledge base for three primary reasons:

1) For therapists and other medical or educational professionals, their purpose is to learn foundational principles and tools from professional coaching.

2) For professional coaches, their purpose is to expand their training and gain a foundational, working knowledge of neurodiversity-inclusion in coaching.

3) Still other professionals take the program so they can deliver Sanity School® -- an established, evidence-based BPT (behavior parent training) curriculum -- live in their local communities.

ImpactADHD: Sanity School Certification Program

Once certified, Sanity School® trainers may be eligible to purchase a license to deliver Sanity School® independently, collaborate with another professional to share a license, or work as a trainer under an existing license.

SSCP meets the needs of children by providing professionals with a quality curriculum that is ready for immediate implementation, as well as administrative support for delivery, expanding access to effective training for parents and educators.

The Sanity School® Certification Program was recognized as an Innovative Program by CHADD in 2018, just one year after the Sanity School® Behavior Management Training Program was recognized as an Innovative Program by CHADD in 2017. The program is eligible for up to 32 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units with the International Coach Federation, dependent upon participation in live components of the course. More details are available by emailing