For Professionals

Sanity School® for Teachers

Behavior Management Training for Educators

Sanity School® for Teachers trains you, in 6 lessons, to tap into the minds of your students, clarify their challenges and identify opportunities for growth and success. In mere weeks you will learn to navigate the limitations that threaten to sabotage the future of  too many of your students.

With a little help from Sanity School® for Teachers, you can find a breakthrough in your teaching– and you can serve as an inspiration to everyone around you.

Consider it a crash course for a newbie, or a refresher course if you are a seasoned veteran. Truly, anyone leading a classroom of students, or providing administrative or counseling support in a school environment, is a good fit. And, it is equally as helpful for both Gen Ed and Special Ed teachers. We have made it our focus to ensure that this program hits on the most important things a teacher of any complex kid needs to know. No messing around – we get right to the point!

Private offerings of Sanity School® for in-service training is available upon request. Schedule a Collaboration Call  for more information about how we can provide Sanity School® for Teachers in your school or district.

$400 $200
1 Participant

$400 $150
per Participant
for 2-7 Participants

$400 $100
for 8 or more Participants