Going Gluten Free


Going gluten free is not for everyone -- but if gluten is an irritant for you or your family, removing it from your diet can be life-changing! It was transformational for my family -- and that's the understatement of the year! Here are two articles that tell our story. They were written many years ago, now, and are every bit as relevant today (in a world where "gluten free" is a popular trend) as they were then, when no one had ever heard of gluten. (Seriously, when Kelly Dorfman told me what it was in the summer of 2004, I started to cry!)

The first article is our story, the second article was written in response to a groundswell of response to the first article.

Bottom line: Gluten Free living is no panacea, but if it's a trigger for you or your family, you want to know it! Read on...

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