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Time Away from Kids

Time away

This may sound obvious, but it's critically important. Schedule some time for yourself without your kids.

I know, no one else can handle them quite like you do. No one else understands, knows what they need, etc. That may be true. Certainly, there is no one more critical to them than their parents. BUT…that does not mean that they need to be with you all the time. It's better for them to get a break (and maybe learn to appreciate you a bit more).

More to the point, you need to re-charge your batteries. It's important to act on this.

  • If your challenge is timing, then look at your calendar today and commit to schedule some time.
  • If your challenge is concern that there is no one else, then make that a priority and start looking for someone you can trust, if only for an hour or so.

A babysitter or back-up does not need to be able to handle things as well as you do. Basic safety is enough to give you a break, and let you re-group. Challenge yourself – take time for yourself. Everyone will benefit, I assure you!

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