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Slow Down to Speed Up

A Note From The Universe

Every day, mixed in among the school notices, newsletters and email spam, I get a note from “The Universe.” Even when I don't read it, I smile, knowing that someone, somewhere, is trying to help us all manage this wild and wacky modern world with some semblance of calm and collectedness.

A recent message was perfect for all of us parents of ADHD kids: “Fast takes longer when you hurry.”

So true.

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"Hurry Up" Has The Inverse Effect

We all know the inevitable “slow down” that happens when we try to rush our kids. They lose what focus they've got, and then get anxious on top of it. Like the proverbial union-slow-down, the more we push them to get moving, the slower they're likely to go.

Slow It Down

So instead of relying on rushing to get you places on time, take a breath and slow down a bit. Maybe allow for a little extra time (I know, easier said than done!). But try leveling your pace and see what happens. It might turn out that you'll only be 1-2 minutes later, but your (or your child's) mood will be in a place of calm.

And remember this corollary my wise husband added to "The Universe": “Slow gets faster when you're happy.”

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