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Show Yourself Some Heart

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This week, in honor of ADHD Awareness Week, we’ve opted to run some ImpactADHD favorites. These are Cathy and Tishia’s favorite posts. What are yours?

As parents, when we nurture our kids, we give them our heart. We love and cherish, we support and encourage, and we understand and listen. When we pay attention, we really know how to love.

I’ve been doing a lot to nourish my oldest child, lately. I’ve been very busy helping her fly out of the nest and into the next phase of her life. It’s been beautiful, honestly – a true labor of love.

Imagine if we did that for ourselves? What would it look like for you to treat yourself with the love and caring that you feel for your kids? I encourage you to think about it, come up with one or two things that you know you’d like, and practice on yourself. It might be with words, or with actions – whatever works for you is fine. The most important thing is just to start treating yourself with a touch more kindness and heart!

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