Quick Tip

Sometimes More Work Equals Less Stress

Just do it…yourself. Don't get me wrong – I firmly believe in delegating and asking for help!  But I also believe in less stress so sometimes, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to tackle a challenge or chore on your own. For instance, if you're feeling on edge, it may not be the best time for your son to help with dinner.

I was driving to an event with my spouse recently, and I could tell he was anxious when the parking lot was full. I insisted he get out and let me park the car. Yes, I was willing to walk several blocks – in high heels – to keep my own anxiety level from rising. It was a win-win situation: He was calmer, and I met an interesting woman in the parking lot while walking in.

Because I chose to do it myself, stress left us alone that night. Sometimes, making a positive choice to reduce your stress – even if it requires a bit more work – is just the self-care you need. You can avoid the stress of leaving a task unfinished, lessen the chance of a meltdown, and help everyone – yourself included – remain on a more even keel.

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