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Life’s Not Going to Slow Down – Unless You Make It

slow down

When does life slow down!? If you're like me, your days are getting busier and busier. We juggle work, kids, homes, obligations, and responsibilities. It feels like we need a 40-hour day to get everything done – and get a good night's sleep while we're at it! Some weeks can be crazy for me. One week, in particular, that was especially busy was when I volunteered at a day camp and tried to keep up with my work and family in the evenings. I could feel my battery draining!

When life kicks into high gear, pay close attention to how you feel, both physically and mentally. Know when you're reaching that point where you're about to boil over (are you ultra-sensitive? Quick to anger? Irritable? Run down?) and take some action to let off steam.

Take a walk; lock yourself in the bathroom for a soak; treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop; go to a Zumba class – it's hard to be stressed when you're having fun! Whatever you do, take some time for yourself and recharge. I'm going to lead by example by heading out to the deck for another cup of coffee with Mother Nature.

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