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How to Handle Grumpy Kids (and Grown-ups, too!)

Handle Grumpy Kids

Grumpiness Happens

Sometimes, people are just going to get grumpy. And yes, that means kids will be grumpy too.

Hormones. Need I say more? Okay, let's add to that: Fatigue. Tired. Sleep-Deprived. Hunger. Anxiety. Excitement. Lonely. Angry.

There are so many different factors that can come into play to make our kids, or us, supremely grumpy. Often, we're legitimately grumpy – and not just being rude or disrespectful.

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The Power of Compassion when Kids are Grumpy

Sometimes when our kids, spouses, or even ourselves, are feeling a little grumpy – maybe it's early in the morning, after a long day at school, or right before bedtime – we can ease the situation by showing some compassion. I know this is easier said than done, but if you understand WHY they're grumpy, it may help you avoid letting it become a trigger for you. Maybe you can lightly tease, tell them you understand why they're behaving that way, or even give them the space to get it out and vent. Be careful of the teasing because not everyone can handle teasing when upset. 

The trick, here, is to recognize that people can get moody sometimes, and it usually has nothing to do with us! When we show some compassion and understanding, and try not to take it personally, we can help them shift out of that mood a whole lot more quickly than if we take the bait and get our grumpy game going, too!

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