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Empower Success!

Empower Success

I didn’t write this quote, but I believe it’s probably one of my top 5 mottos for relationship success:

“Believing in people before they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential.” John C. Maxwell

Sometimes, when we get tired, or frustrated, or disappointed, or scared, it’s hard to see all the possibilities — either for ourselves or our family. Of course, that’s when we need to see them the most!

The hardest time to “prove” yourself is when you have doubt, when you’re not really sure if you can. On the flip side, nothing is more confidence-inspiring than certainty. When I’m certain that my child can tackle a new hurdle, it’s contagious — and actually makes it possible for her to see that possibility, herself.

Truth is, while it’s important for all of us to believe in ourselves, it helps — a LOT — for someone else to believe in us, too! And that is more true for our kids — and our spouses — than anyone.

So if you want to Empower Success in your family, start by believing it, and sharing it — long before the proof is in!

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