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Activate the Brain

Activate the brain

You can't effectively manage ADHD without engaging the brain at some point in the process. It is, after all, a neurobiological condition. So when you understand what is actually happening in your child's brain, you can do something to influence and improve it. Below are some tips on how to activate the brain, and to really get things moving for you and your child.

There are many ways to address activating the brain:

  • exercise,
  • nutrition,
  • water,
  • medication,
  • fidgeting,
  • brain-training,
  • sleep hygiene,
  • and more

I do not want to prescribe for parents the choices that you make for your children. I do want you to be aware of the importance of engaging the brain in effectively managing the impact of ADHD. Medication is one such option, and there are many others.

When you are dealing with any challenge with ADHD, ask yourself, “Is this an area where activating the brain could help? Is my child hungry, or sleepy, or does he need to move?” If there is something you can do, start there. It's often the source of many solutions!

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