Quick Tip

Sometimes Kids Fail

Sometimes it just breaks your heart to be a parent, doesn’t it? I mean, it can feel like torture, watching, waiting, hoping. This must be true for all parents, but I think it elevates to a higher level with parents of kids with ADHD.

Here’s the Catch 22. Our kids fail a lot, and we want to help them limit that, to feel success where they can! But sometimes our kids – more so than typical kids – have to fail before they can succeed. They are experiential learners. Sometimes they’ve just got to skin those proverbial knees.

The greatest challenge, for us, is to know when to scoop them up, and when to let them fall.

There’s no simple answer to this dilemma. But here’s the tip I can offer. If you’ve done all you can – if you’ve talked, supported, encouraged, offered structures, and identified motivations – and they are still failing, then it may be a lesson they have to learn the hard way.

What do you do then? Be there to help them brush of the dust (without judgment), learn from the experience, and discover how resilient they are. It’s the hardest part of parenting ADHD, for sure. Sometimes it just breaks your heart.


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