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Fostering Resilience for Kids with Anxiety

We interviewed clinical psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline about what is going on for kids with anxiety, and how to foster resilience and help them learn to manage it well.

Anxiety Is A Physiological Response To Worry

The primitive part of the brain gets frightened – as if there’s a tiger at the door of the cave. Once triggered, the amygdala takes over the brain with a basic response: fight or flight. In modern day, when kids worry about ideas, like tests or what’s going to happen at school the next day, the physiological response is the same as if there is actual physical danger. A test, or a friend being unkind, becomes a tiger at the entrance to the cave – and our kids 'freak out.'

In this interview, Dr. Saline talks about the importance of changing our and our kids' relationship with anxiety. She explains that managing anxiety is about tolerating insecurity and discomfort, and she offers strategies for doing that effectively. Techniques mentioned include acknowledgement, mirroring, self-talk and more. What's most important, she explains, is that we all understand we're not alone when we struggle with anxiety. And neither are our kids.


Listen in to this terrific interview with a therapist who completely "gets" the coach-approach. And then, we suggest you take a moment to visit her other article on ImpactADHD, "5 Steps to Improve Cooperation with Your Kids with ADHD."

Bottom line is this: many of us are struggling to raise kids with Anxiety. We want to help them, but sometimes we don’t know how. Dr. Saline does know how – and she shares some simple steps for you in this conversation. Tune in…

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