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Creating a Relationship of Trust with Your ADHD Child

relationship of trust

A relationship of trust tells our kids it's ok to be themselves, to mess up, to try, to fail, to succeed – because we will be there with our love unconditionally. It is critical that we foster this connection for our kids' sake – and our own.

When our children trust us, they know we are doing our best for them and that we won't lead them down a path we're not willing to go on ourselves. Introducing systems and structures to everyday life can be frustrating and scary for kids as they learn how to cope with ADHD and its challenges. And it can be frustrating and scary for us. That relationship, though, that's what's going to make this all work. It tells them that we have their best interests at heart; that we have their backs. And it tells us that it's ok to be ourselves, to mess up, to try, to fail, to succeed – as long as we keep going, learning, and trying. That's what families do for each other; that's what trust is all about.

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