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Over Packing as ADHD Management

ADHD Management

I like to over-pack. I can go away overnight with 4 pairs of shoes without blinking an eye. But it's not what you might think. I'm actually not much of a shoe person. I'm just someone who tends to struggle with making decisions and use overpacking as ADHD management.

Now that's not something most people would think of me because I have a strong opinion about a lot of things (as you probably already know!). But mundane decisions, like what am I going to wear, or where do I want to go for a quick dinner – frankly, my mind has other much more interesting things to think about, and they kind of stress me out.

So what does all of this have to do with over-packing?

Well, I like to have choices. I like to see how I feel. Do I want to wear something long and flowy to that business meeting tomorrow, or something tailored and “professional”? It's not just about the image I want to project. It depends on what I FEEL like wearing. And I can't anticipate that as well as I might like. So I cover my bases, and I bring both.

It's the same reason I travel with 2 or 3 books – and avoid over-planning every moment of a trip. I ENJOY spontaneity and adventure. I am motivated by what feels right at the time. I make sure the basics are covered – and then allow for my mood to guide me from there.

Overpacking doesn't mean being disorganized.

So the next time you look at your child's overflowing backpack, with the extra bags she's carrying to make sure she has what she needs, just in case… please try to avoid judging her as “disorganized.” That may be true, of course. But consider another possibility. She could just be using overpacking as ADHD management. And maybe – just maybe – she wants to be prepared for anything!

Meantime, I think I'll wear the brown suede shoes tomorrow. Wonder what top will go with that?

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