Quick Tip

Help Your Child Stay Focused

child stay focused

Sustaining focus is a major obstacle for ADHD kids, and let's face it, ADHD adults! Teaching our children to use systems and structures can help them stay on track and complete everyday activities more effectively. Homework, for instance, is a daily struggle for many families. Try this: set an alarm on your phone so it vibrates every 10 minutes. At first, sit with your child so that you are BOTH working on independent tasks. When the timer goes off, ask, “Are we on track? Are we doing what we need to do?” It's okay to let your child catch you being off task once in a while!

As he gets older and more accustomed to the system, he can do this on his own. “Am I still focusing on my homework?” He will be able to be more aware and conscious of where his attention is – and where it should be!

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