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Stop Child Interrupting in Classroom

Want to Stop Your Child From Interrupting in School?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Have You Tried Post-It® Notes? As parents, we’re not the only ones who are trying to help our kids manage…

adhd homework strategies

5 Strategies to Make Homework Easier for ADHD Kids (and Parents)

By Kendra Wagner

Home work. Those two words seem mismatched. Home is where you can chill, be yourself, and get a little break…

improving student effort

3 Easy Tips for Improving Student Effort and Motivation

By Ann Dolin

Just as great athletes require regular practice, students with ADHD require practice developing their study skills. Recent studies have shown…


5 Magic Words: What Is Most Important Here?

By Diane Dempster

Transition times can be an absolute nightmare for parents of complex kids. Whether it’s the end of the school year,…

Improve Communication

10 Tips to Improve Communication with Your ADHD Child’s Teachers

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Sometimes the greatest teachers do not know how best to motivate or support ADHD kids, despite their best efforts. It’s…


How do I Motivate my Child to Turn in Homework?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Does your kid do their homework and then neglect to turn it in? Does that make you frustrated, but your…


How to Create a Great Relationship with Your ADHD Child’s Teacher

By Michele Novotni

Having a child with ADHD really reinforced the importance of my building a good working relationship with his teacher. Being…

dreading school meetings with teachers

Dreading School Meetings with Teachers? Try These 8 Steps

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

A client emailed me in a bit of a panic. She asked if I could offer any words of wisdom,…


College Readiness: What Does That Mean for Kids with ADHD?

By Jodie Dawson

By Featured Experts, Dr. Jodie Dawson and Jane Benson, MA, CPCC Fearing Failure? Coach: “What would happen if you didn’t…