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Learning and ADHD: What’s Play Got to Do with it?

By Dr. Kirsten Milliken

Which teachers had the biggest impact on your learning?  Do you remember how they taught you?  Did it involve play?…


Tame the Monster of Test Anxiety to Help Students with ADHD

By Jed Applerouth

As parents of students with ADHD, many of you understand personally the relationship between ADHD and academic test anxiety.  Test…


How to Get ACT and SAT Accommodations for ADHD, Part 1

By Judith Bass

It can be incredibly confusing for parents to figure out how to get ACT and SAT Accommodations for ADHD, but…


Study Tips to Stay Focused, Interested and Organized

By Marshall Findlay

Generally, our featured guests have something important to say to the parents of kids with ADHD. Occasionally, we have an…


Do Your Kids’ Homework… With Them

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Homework Is Like Riding a Bike Remember back to when you taught your kiddos to ride a bike? They started…


Does My Child with ADHD Have to Work Harder Than Other Kids?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Do kids with ADHD have to work harder than their peers? Elaine & Diane respond to a mom’s question below.…


Standardized Test Prep for Kids with LD, ADHD and Other Learning Challenges

Interview with Jennifer Cohen

SAT, ACT and standardized testing are words that every student dreads – ADHD or not. So much studying and preparation…


Overcoming Learning Challenges – A Complex Kid Speaks Out

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know how to talk to your child about their learning challenges and how…

Sustaining focus

Shifting and Sustaining Focus for Kids

By Diane Dempster

Focus Isn’t The Full Story If you say, “ADHD” to most people, they’ll immediately think “lack of focus.” This kid…