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Wait Before You Act

before you act

How often do you make things harder on yourself than they need to be? Sometimes, as parents, we feel like we have to take care of everything, we have to make it all happen, and we have to do it right away. As a result, we wear ourselves out. More to the point, we don't allow enough time for situations to resolve themselves.

A client called me today to celebrate not making a decision. A family member had made a request of her, which would have been difficult for her. She really didn't want to say yes, but she didn't want to deal with the fall-out of saying no right away. So she took no action, and decided to think about it. About 4 hours later, she received a text. Her assistance was no longer needed. Situation resolved.
Sometimes we seem to forget that "Not Acting" is as valid a choice as taking action.

This week, try to lie back a little, let things unfold. Watch and wait to see when you need to act. You might save a little bit of energy. You'll also give others the opportunity make things happen on their own. As parents, that is often the greatest gift we can offer to our kids.

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