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‘Vitamin M’: How Exercising the Body Boosts the Brain

Exercising the body boosts the brain

So it's time to get some schoolwork done. Maybe you've taken a break after a long day. Or maybe it's the weekend and you want to get that project out of the way.

Any time that's schoolwork time (or serious focus time), you can kick-start your child's brain with what Kelly Dorfman calls Vitamin M – some good old fashioned physical activity!

To get your child's brain in gear for homework, think in terms of moving large muscle groups. Playing outside (when running is involved), carrying in heavy groceries, doing wall push-ups, a few rounds on the chin-up bar, or even wheel-barrowing your child around the house are all ways to get the brain ready for work.

You might want to try it yourself. A little brawn can actually help you, too!

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