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Teach Personal Responsibility to Kids by Apologizing


My last blog was about not taking it personally. We all have those moments when something goes wrong and we start pointing the finger to figure out who's “fault” it is. When this happens, there are many times when we just need to let the other person vent.

There are other times when we need to “own” our part in the situation. Whenever I have an argument or lose my temper with my kids (or my spouse), I try to take the time, once I've calmed down, to sincerely apologize. Even if they “started it,” I believe it is my job as the parent to stay calm. If I'm not successful in doing that (I am human after all), then they deserve an apology.

Not only does this model “taking responsibility” for our kids, but it can help them in many life situations. We live in a world where pointing the finger is the norm. Learning how to gracefully and authentically apologize is an important, relationship-sustaining tool.

By the way, I'm really sorry that this blog was posted a little later than scheduled. I hope it didn't cause an inconvenience for you.

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