Quick Tip

Take a Brain Break!

Have you ever been in a situation where your kid took 3 hours to do 10 minutes of homework?  I have!
Our tendency is to try to push them through the work, to focus on getting it done. But what they might really need more than that is to stop.

Although the ADHD brain seems to run a million miles an hour, it gets easily fatigued.  Frequent breaks are a must to refresh and re-engage -- and avoid the boredom that comes from working on the same thing for hours. Even if your kid isn't struggling, frequent breaks can keep things moving forward at a steady pace.

So take a brain break! Do some jumping jacks, have a tickle fight, eat a snack, sing a song.  If you think your child can do it without getting sucked in, watch a silly 3 minute YouTube video.  Keep the brain fresh and engaged so it can more easily get the work done.  BTW:  this tip will work for you as well, whether your challenge is an ADHD brain, or just tired, worn-out parent!

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