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Creating Family Milestones

Family Milestones

It’s amazing how quickly a single event can become annualized for a child. It doesn’t take much to create, and it offers a huge bang for the buck!

Milestones, or observances, have a way of making people feel grounded. People know what to expect with them, they give us something to look forward to, and they help us feel like we belong to each other. They are a great bonding opportunity.

Here’s a simple way to create a milestone:

  • Identify something(s) your family enjoys doing
  • Draw attention to the fact that you do it together (hiking, game night, etc.)
  • Talk about it in terms of past or future (“Last year, we…” or “next year, we’ll”)
  • Start planning for next time

This simple tool will give your kids a connection point to your family time together. Chances are, in the future, your kids will remember to re-visit the family ritual, even after you’ve long forgotten. In my family, for example, spitting watermelon seeds competitively across the front lawn is time-honored summer tradition. You can rest assured that I’m not the one who remembers to do it every summer!

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