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Three Tips for Any Parent to Juggle Your Busy Life

Parent to Juggle Your Busy Life

As parents of complex kids, I think we have more weight on our shoulders than parents of typical kids. I'm not trying to be a martyr here – it's just that our issues can be whole lot more complicated. And that can be really hard to manage.

And yet – all of our other responsibilities don't go away just because our kids are struggling in life, in school, or both.

So in an effort to make life just a little simpler for you this year, and hopefully more manageable, here are my three best tips for any parent to juggle your busy life – from a parent-educator-life-coach-author-mom-of-3 who has found herself (shockingly) running a global, online business.

  1. Take ownership of your time. Remember that we don't “get the time” to do things – we make the time. It's a conscious choice, and it's more about getting clear on your intentions than anything else. Whenever I hear “I haven't had the time to…” it's usually code for “this has not been a priority for me.” And truly, not everything can be a priority – there's plenty that I haven't gotten to, yet. But I'm not a victim of that – I'm the decision-maker. And that sense of clarity and determination – back to the prioritization I talked about earlier – is the key to my success.
  1. Find an accountability partner. Identify someone in your life who can help you pay attention to your current priorities. When you're really busy and juggling family and work and (dare I say it?) self care, prioritization is key, but challenging. This could be a business partner, an assistant, a coach, or colleague, an “accountability buddy,” or a significant other/spouse (though be cautious because this one could be tricky). It should be someone you're checking in with daily (or weekly at least) if only briefly, to keep yourself focused.
  1. ALWAYS, always make time for the things that are feeding your soul and heart. Whether you are jazzed by school events for your kids or coffee with a friend in need, no matter how busy life gets – remember to be human first. It may make for late nights occasionally, but there won't be resentment or “woulda-coulda-shoulda” moments that rob you of the true joys of your busy life.

Now, don't get me wrong – I'm by no means perfect, and there are definitely times that I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel looking for a graceful way to exit. But for the most part, the truth is that for any parent to juggle your busy life, the secret starts with you – taking ownership, setting clear intentions, and making sure you do the things that fuel your heart.

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