Quick Tip

Hide Healthy Foods

With thanks to the moms on my list-serve, here are many tips to add some nutrition into the diet of your carb-craving, sugar-craving child.

  • Make muffins, using Trader Joe's pumpkin muffins as a base, add 3 tbsp flax meal, ¾ cup pureed cooked butternut squash, 2  eggs, half the oil and water as directed.
  • Add jars of baby food (sweet potatoes, green beans, etc.) to spaghetti sauce, refried beans, soups, casseroles, basically anything with a sauce.  Match colors as best you can.
  • Add a bag of frozen organic veggies to spaghetti sauce, chilli, etc and use a submersion blender to puree it.  You would do this step before you add any meat.
  • Cook brown rice and add a bag of frozen organic mixed veggies (with carrots and corn for color) then use the food processor or immersion blender to chop it to a couscous consistency.  We call this confetti rice and the kids love it.  It is very colorful and fun to eat.
  • Replace half the oil in a brownie recipe with pureed (or baby food) green veggie without anyone knowing.  You can replace all the oil in any recipe (not sure about GF) with applesauce (no sugar added).
  • For dips, add a handful of spinach leaves to guacamole dip and puree.  If you like chunky, keep half the chunks out and add after pureeing.
  • Shred veggies and add to soups, sauces or hamburger meat before cooking.
  • Instead of plain pancakes, make pumpkin or sweet potato pancakes by adding organic canned pumpkin or sweet pot.
  • For pizza you make at home, puree veggies (or use baby food) into the pizza sauce (I use organic spaghetti sauce).  You can use more here because it is going to be covered with cheese.


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