Quick Tip

An Easy Way to Keep Psychiatric Medical History Records

Okay, y'all, I REALLY wish I'd known about this about a dozen years ago to keep medical history records.

There's a completely FREE online system, PastMeds.com, that you might find really useful. It was created by our Guest Expert, Dr. Michael Banov, a psychiatrist who realized that parents have a hard time giving him accurate information about the medications their kids have already tried or what the effects have been.

He saw the issues this was causing for these families, so he created PastMeds as a way for parents of kids with medical issues to capture the medication portion of their medical history records. It's incredibly simple – but oh, so powerfully helpful.

Seriously – no more saying, “My kid has tried everything!” with no memory of which medication had what reaction.

This little tool has no cost and enormous benefits. If you've ever tried medications with your kids, you might want to try it. Because – and I speak from experience, when your child turns 18, and you no longer have medical rights, everyone will be glad to have this record!

I am NOT kidding when I say I wish I'd known about it when my daughter was little. It would have eased SO much tension!

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