Quick Tip

One Question To Get Anyone's Attention (Even With ADHD)

Is this a good time

Whenever I call upon anyone – whether it be on the phone, or just calling to the top of the stairs – I always try to start with, “Is this a good time?” or, “Are you in the middle of something?” It’s actually a great way to get someone’s full attention.

We live in an interrupt-driven world that is distracting, even for people who don’t have ADHD. Our phones are so ever-present that we often don’t even think before answering them. And while maybe we shouldn’t answer if we are otherwise engaged, in today’s world I think it’s fair to assume that people are always in the middle of something.

So before you start talking, or directing, or making a request – get someone’s attention by asking a simple question that forces them to stop what they’re doing long enough to either give you their attention, or find a better time.

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