Quick Tip

Have Patience with the Process


Creating change can be like taking a slow-boat to China – it doesn’t happen overnight. The challenge is, when we want to make changes to improve our children’s lives, we want to see results immediately!

Sometimes We Do

Of course, there are times that we see amazing growth and successes right away. Maybe it’s from a diet change, or a different teacher; a few coaching calls or a new medication. Sometimes it’s stunning how quickly things can change. I’m always amazed at what a difference I see in my private clients after just their first “Discovery” session with me. The awareness and understanding they get can be nothing short of transformational.

Most Times, It’s Just Not The Case

But, on the whole, this whole raising-kids-and-managing-ADHD-by–conscious–parenting-thing is not a quick fix. Change takes time. And when we accept that – when we train ourselves to have patience with the process, and allow our kids to learn step by step – we will be calmer, more confident parents. The irony, of course, is that calm and confident parenting will more than likely speed up the process of change!



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