5 Best Videos on ADHD for Parents & Kids

Parents ask us all the time what are the best videos on ADHD for parents, and for their kids. Generally, we recommend Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD. She has more fun explaining ADHD to parents and teens than anyone else we know! We refer people to her YouTube channel all the time.

Still, we know that a lot of information in one place can really be overwhelming – there's so much to choose from. It's true – she's got tons of great stuff on there.

So, I asked Jessica to give me some favorites – like a starting point. I asked her to tell me the best videos for parents to introduce ADHD – and maybe even to share with their kids. Specifically, I asked for videos that educate about what ADHD and executive function are, and how it shows up. It's so important to understand that BEFORE you start watching videos on how to manage it.

What follows are five of the best videos on ADHD for parents (and their kids), recommended by the maestro herself. And we’ve added a quick blurb about each one. I encourage you to watch them and share them with your kids. Have fun! Remember, understanding is half the battle of managing ADHD. After all, you can’t set the intention to Take Aim on any particular challenge until you are super clear on the challenge you’re trying to address.

The two best videos for Parents:

  • How to (Explain) ADHD
    If you have a hard time understanding what a friend or family member with ADHD is going through – or have a hard time explaining it to others – this 7 1½-minute video is a must-watch. It starts with a brief overview of the common problems people with ADHD face and why they might be hard to see or understand sometimes. Then it focuses on explaining some of the internal processes of the ADHD brain. Even better, she uses metaphors sourced from a whole community of people with ADHD!
  • How to Help Someone who has ADHD
    This 7-minute video gives an overview of the basics of ADHD, then launches into some of the most common problems people can run into when interacting with someone with ADHD. It provides specific, easy-to-enact solutions for those problems. There are also links to a lot of different videos here if you want to delve more deeply.

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The Three Best Videos for Parents & Kids:

  • How to Know if You Have ADHD
    How to ADHD gives you a peek into what it might look like if you have ADHD, then also gives 5 "what you need to know" tips and next steps if you find yourself… finding yourself in this 4-minute video. (As an added bonus, here’s a link to the ADD/ADHD Simulator, too. If you’re a parent without ADHD, please watch this – it will open your eyes, for sure!
  • ADHD in Girls: How to Recognize the Symptoms
    Did you know that ADHD can present differently in girls than it does in boys? Most people don't! In this 5-minute video, Jessica shares the reasons why it’s not well known, what the differences can be, and how to recognize them.
  • My 10 Favorite Things About Having ADHD
    While a lot of ADHD literature and resources tend to focus on the problems of ADHD, this 5-minute video really showcases the strengths of having an ADHD brain. Especially if you or your kids are feeling worn down from the stresses you face with ADHD, put this on as a reminder of the really great things that come when people’s brains don’t all work the exact same way!

So that’s it – the five best videos on ADHD for parents, from the creator of some of the best videos online! Let us know if you find it helpful. And remember, knowledge is the first step. And then – don’t try to go it alone. Whether it’s here with us at ImpactParents.com, or somewhere else – get some help to learn to manage ADHD in your family.

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