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We Figured Out What Parents Need

As a parent, you are willing to make extraordinary sacrifices for your family -- more than you ever imagined. You know what you want for your kids and what values you want to teach in your home.

When the advice of traditional parenting experts doesn't make sense for your kid, you need guidance to help you figure out what you should do.

ImpactADHD: Coach Approach to Parenting/girl and dad swimming)How should you handle it when your kid won’t get out of bed in the morning, or go to bed at night, or do their homework, or set the table for dinner, or... whatever?

It's not easy to figure out, and there are so many mixed messages from the experts that you can find yourself just treading water, unsure of which direction to go. So when you find yourself  in uncharted waters, unsure of the path ahead...

You want someone to help you navigate to safety - and still feel in control of the ship!

The truth is, when parenting through complex challenges, what you really want and need most is  Sherpa-like guidance!

It has been proven by research, again and again, that your role as a parent is key to your child’s success.

  • When you join together with other parents in a community without judgment
  • When you learn strategies to improve communication
  • When you focus on yourself in order to the be the best parent you can be for your kids

...then you will be able to tackle each wonderfully crazy and chaotic day with grace and calm!

You don't need to give over the helm of the ship. You need to learn how to navigate your family to safety – with confidence that you are steering them in the right direction.

ImpactADHD: We Figured Out What Parents Need / Father & Daughter

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